Atoll Solutions offers a wide range of standard and customisable Tags and Beacons for all your Spatial and Location Intelligence needs. These devices can be used wherever you need low power sensors, trackers or location identifiers.


BLE tags for coarse spatial interactions


BLE + UWB tags for fine spatial interactions


BLE/UWB Cellular tags for connected spatial interactions

The tags may be deployed at fixed locations or on mobile objects, and can be used in various applications:


Standard iBeacon or Eddystone beacons.

Fixed: way-finding, tour-guide.
Mobile: asset-tracking e.g. with Cisco Meraki


Custom beacon or Connected BLE

Fixed: environment-monitoring.
Mobile: motion-sensing.


Tags with Button / Buzzer

Fixed: access-control.
Mobile: item-finding.

Configuration App

The Atoll BLE Controller (ABC) app helps you manage your BLE Tags and Beacons from Atoll Solutions.

  • Scan for nearby BLE Tags and Beacons
  • Update device configuration
  • Update device firmware
  • Interact with device services

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